Super Soldier

Chapter 227

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Chapter 227 The Pitiful Yezi

After Yu Miao left, Xiao Bing sent Liu Kexin home and he had do that, otherwise, Liu Kexin\'s family might think that they had broken up. He had disappeared for several days, and was also not present, when Yu Miao came to see him.

On the way home, Liu Kexin looked happily at Xiao Bing, who was driving, and said, “Brother Bing, thank you. I am sorry to bother you again.”

“You don\'t have to be so polite,” Xiao Bing smiled and said, “But Yu Miao is really persistent, and even now he is still persevering.”

Liu Kexin stared at him in surprise, “Oh, no. He has not given up?”

“No, that\'s because of your charm. Kexin, you are so beautiful. n.o.body wants to give you up.” Xiao Bing was joking.

Liu Kexin laughed helplessly and said, “Brother Bing is always making fun of me. Help me come up with ideas. What should I do, in the end?”

“I have no idea. So be it.”

“So be it?”

Xiao Bing said, “I have told him to pursue you for a month. But after a month, if you are not interested in him, he will treat you as an ordinary friend, and will not continue to pester you. It is fair compet.i.tion and he will not force you by using his family influence. Isn\'t that good?”

“What is good about it?”

“You think it over. He will not use his family\'s influence. If you like him, you can become his girlfriend. If you do not like him, he will not make you feel embarra.s.sed. Everything will be back to normal after a month.”

“Brother Bing… Are you hoping that I will like him?”

Xiao Bing turned his head and saw the feelings in Liu Kexin\'s eyes. As they got to know each other more, Liu Kexin seemed to be unable to hide her feelings for Xiao Bing.

Xiao Bing\'s heart was a little fl.u.s.tered. Suddenly, he braked and stopped at the roadside. Liu Kexin was shocked. Then she thought, “Why is he so nervous and so fl.u.s.tered. Can it be… Does he like me, too?”

“Oh, no, how can I even think of that? He has a girlfriend, and his girlfriend is so understanding, and even agreed to let him help me. How can I break up their relations.h.i.+p?”

Liu Kexin clenched her fists and took a breath, and tried painfully to conceal her feelings. She stuck her tongue out, pretended to laugh indifferently and said, “I was just kidding!”

Xiao Bing was relieved and didn\'t know if he felt depressed or relief. In short, the complex emotions which had made him feel a little fl.u.s.tered, had been removed from his heart. He laughed and said, “Of course I don\'t want you to be taken with him. You are so kind and lovely. Someone, who is suitable to fall in love with you, may not have been born yet!”

After making this joking remark, Xiao Bing continued to drive. Liu Kexin smiled sweetly. She was thinking that the man had already appeared. “It\'s you, Brother Bing. Unfortunately, it\'s too late for us to get together.”

Liu Kexin could no longer hide her inner thoughts. She could no longer deceive herself.

Xiao Bing drove back to Liu Kexin\'s residence and sent Liu Kexin upstairs. After Liu Kexin opened the door, she saw her mother standing in the living room. When her mother saw Xiao Bing, she immediately greeted him warmly and said, “Xiao Bing, I heard from Kexin that you left for work in the city, two days ago. But now you are back.”

Xiao Bing laughed and said, “Yes, aunt. I was in a rush to see Kexin. So I am sorry I have not brought any gifts for uncle and you.”

“It doesn\'t matter. We are family. You don\'t need to bring gifts for us.” Liu\'s mother was very happy to hear that Xiao Bing had been in a hurry to see Kexin. She and her husband were still wondering why Yu Miao was here, but Xiao Bing did not appear. There was a little doubt in her heart. But Xiao Bing was back now. So it seemed that she had been thinking too much.

In this way, Yu Miao would give up. They told Yu Miao that Kexin had a boyfriend, but Yu Miao did not believe it.

Liu Kexin\'s father was watching TV in his room. He turned down the volume and then his voice came from the room. “What are you doing standing outside? Come in, sit down and talk to Kexin.”

Xiao Bing was anxious to get back to see Yezi. He had planned to have dinner with Yezi. He had something to deal with, for the time being, so he broke his appointment with Yezi. Now he was helping Liu Kexin to deal with Yu Miao, and her parents had seen him. His purpose had been achieved, so he had no time to go in and chat. He politely said, “Aunt and uncle, I won\'t come in. I have been driving for a few hours already, in order to come back from the other city. Then I came directly to see Kexin. Now I\'m a little tired, and want to go back and rest.”

“Yes,” Liu Kexin said tenderly, “Besides, I already had dinner with Brother Bing. We had a lot to talk about. Brother Bing, you go back and rest.”

Liu\'s father came out of the room at this time. After listening to Xiao Bing and Liu Kexin\'s words, he thought about it and said, “Well, okay, go back and rest then. Men should focus on their careers, but should also not work too much. You must alternate work with rest, otherwise, you will suffer from various ailments in the future.”

“I know. I\'ll visit you and aunt again, when I\'m free.” Xiao Bing smiled and said goodbye to Liu\'s parents. Then he closed the door and went downstairs.

After Xiao Bing left, Liu\'s parents felt relieved.

Liu\'s father looked at Liu Kexin and said, “Now that Xiao Bing is back, it will be easier. You have to find an opportunity to discuss with Xiao Bing, and ask him if he can meet Yu Miao, so as to get Yu Miao give up. Alas, Yu Miao is also a very good young man, and you can see it too. Since you have a boyfriend, we naturally cannot force you, and Xiao Bing is really excellent. But it\'s also difficult to ask Xiao Bing to meet another man who is pursuing you. Ordinary men will not be willing to do that, will inevitably mind, and probably won\'t want to do that.”

Liu\'s mother said, “How about inviting Xiao Bing to dinner at home tomorrow? Let me talk to him. If he really doesn\'t want to meet Yu Miao, it\'s all right. After all, this kind of thing is understandable.”

“Mom and Dad, they\'ve met today.”

“Really?” Liu\'s parents looked surprised. “Didn\'t he just come back today? He managed to meet him already?”

“Yes.” Liu Kexin said, “After Brother Bing came back, he was coming to see me. He happened to see Yu Miao, who invited me to have dinner with him.”

“Ah, they didn\'t fight, did they?” Liu\'s mother exclaimed.

“No. Although Yu Miao pestered me, he is still a gentleman. Later, we had dinner together. Brother Bing talked with him. I foresee that nothing will happen in the future.”

After listening to his daughter\'s words, Liu\'s father said with satisfaction, “Well done. Xiao Bing deals with things in an orderly manner. He is responsible and not reckless. Nowadays, young people like him, are rare.”

Liu\'s mother laughed and said, “Old man, I seldom hear you praising a person like that!”

“Okay, find an opportunity to get Xiao Bing back, and have a good drink with me. I value him. Although Yu Miao\'s personality and family background are also good, especially since his family is very rich, and it is a precious opportunity for our family. If you and Xiao Bing are in love with each other that will be more important than anything.”

Liu\'s father was very open-minded about the relations.h.i.+p between men and women. Maybe it was related to his life experience. He had gone to the countryside when he was very young, and had experienced all kinds of hards.h.i.+ps. But he also understood that a person\'s quality and efforts were more important than anything else. He cared most about these two points, and Xiao Bing clearly had these two points. So, he sincerely appreciated Xiao Bing, his future son-in-law.

As they talked about Xiao Bing, Xiao Bing had returned to the Ye Family\'s villa. It was already very late. He had made an appointment with Yezi to have dinner with her that night. He didn\'t expect to encounter such a situation. Although he had already explained to Yezi, he still felt guilty.

What an excellent girl Yezi was. Although she was not as naive as Liu Kexin, there was a kindness in her. She knew that Xiao Bing went to help the other girl, and that girl was favored by Xiao Bing, but she had not stopped him, and instead encouraged him. That was not because she was not jealous. Jealousy was part of a woman\'s nature. That was because she was really in love with Xiao Bing.

Yezi always thought that if she loved a man, she would never make him feel embarra.s.sed.

So even though Xiao Bing loved her so deeply, she never used Xiao Bing\'s love for her to indulge herself, nor did she use Xiao Bing\'s love for her to restrain Xiao Bing.

If Yezi did not allow Xiao Bing to help Liu Kexin, Xiao Bing would not help her.

If Yezi did not allow Xiao Bing to have any contact with women she did not like, Xiao Bing would never do that.

If Yezi asked Xiao Bing to accompany her every day, Xiao Bing would put aside everything and accompany her every day. Even if he had to abandon the whole world, he would satisfy her wishes.

However, in that way, Yezi was being herself.

The real Yezi would not make Xiao Bing unhappy, because of her.

Xiao Bing saw that Yezi was curled up on the sofa alone, and sleeping. The TV was still on and the volume was very low. Her lonely appearance made Xiao Bing feel sad and pitiful.

He walked slowly over, knelt on one knee beside Yezi, kissed her gently on the cheek, and murmured softly. “I\'m sorry…”

This was the only woman in the world who could use her smile and frown to make Xiao Bing extremely nervous. The only woman who could make Xiao Bing\'s heart beat faster, by a mere look. She was the only woman who was more precious than the whole world to him.

But Xiao Bing felt sorry for her. As long as this woman suffered any little grievance and felt any little loneliness, Xiao Bing would feel extremely sorry.

He was sitting on the ground, and Yezi was curled up in the corner of the sofa, fast asleep. Xiao Bing sat at her feet. He didn\'t want to wake Yezi up, and he only wanted to accompany her quietly.

In Su Xiaoxiao\'s home, Su Xiaoxiao was lying by the window and looking at the stars, her chin cupped in her hands. At this time, the cool beauty\'s eyes were like the stars in the sky. There was a starry image in her eyes, and she muttered to herself, “Brother Xiao…”