Spare Me, Great Lord!

690 Small World

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The situation on the island had become increasingly complicated, especially when Lu Shu learned that three more organizations were coming for the World Tree.

The next morning, a member of the Deities rushed out in a hurry and soon returned to Coral with a container made of sodium-pota.s.sium alloy in his hands. After some consideration, Coral asked, \"Can you be sure that no one knows its whereabouts?\"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

\"Yes. Your uncle took it out of the Holy Palace last night. No one was alarmed,\" Coral\'s cousin replied, \"Coral, with regard to your apt.i.tude…\"

\"Sorry. I don\'t want to answer that,\" Coral said with a genuine look on her face. She had to hide the truth, yet she did not want to lie.

After her cousin went out, Coral opened the container quietly. She dripped a drop of her blood on the silver alloy, which immediately turned black.

Coral waited for a while but nothing else happened. Just when she was about to put the alloy back, a faint flash of lightning struck through the blackness.

There it was!

Coral could finally confirm that her bloodline had become even purer due to the fruit.

In layman\'s terms, her apt.i.tude might have made a breakthrough from Cla.s.s A to even higher.

Based on this, the significance of such fruits was apparent. Yet, Lu Shu had given her eight in one go. She had to return the remaining seven to him!

Coral sat beside the window and gazed out blankly, resting her chin on her hands…

Coral\'s cousin was blocked once he exited from Coral\'s room. The person informed him, \"The Master of G.o.ds is in a good mood today. This morning, she actually ate two fried eggs, two cups of milk and four croissants for breakfast. She even asked the chef whether he could teach her the cooking of Chinese cuisines… Her appet.i.te has improved so much.\"

\"Right. She\'s seemingly happier after she went out last night. I guess it\'s good for her to go out after being trapped in the palace for too long.\" Her cousin speculated.

\"Do you think… that boy is here too?\" the person asked carefully.

\"Are you saying her mood swings and her sudden ascension are both related to that guy?!\"

\"You said it. I didn\'t…\" The man s.h.i.+fted the blame and walked away at once.

Although it was only a guess, Coral\'s cousin believed that it was totally possible!

If that was the case, Coral\'s sudden request for the sodium-pota.s.sium alloy would make more sense too. Her apt.i.tude must have improved through certain means!

This was a huge secret. Coral\'s cousin went quiet. He had to inform Coral\'s uncle and make sure the secret was safe.

In the meantime, the entire Deities, including Coral, were still unaware of the unrest outside resulting from the four pieces of paper from her. In any case, they were a peace-loving organization, isolated from the outside world. It was already too late when they wanted to build an intelligence network the previous year.

At this moment, Coral suddenly heard a crack. She knew that her ascension did not heal the crack on the Gungnir. Instead, the split was still spreading.

Coral did not take the Gungnir out for inspection. She sat still beside the window, thinking about something.

She was well aware that her life would have come to an end when the Gungnir broke.

Maybe the meaning of life was not determined by its length after all. But Coral soon got over the thought. She started antic.i.p.ating her next encounter with Lu Shu.

Europe was not that vast of a continent. Hence, it would only take one night for the Danke and the Pledge to arrive in Sardinia. Lu Shu wondered whether he could persuade Coral to leave this dangerous place.

Nonetheless, he also was not sure how much they desired the World Tree.

Lu Shu went out for lunch. He also wanted to try out the local dishes. But suckling pigs were really not to his taste. In the end, he chose a spaghetti restaurant.

Lu Shu stopped short in shock as soon as he entered the door. But he recovered quickly and continued walking forward as if nothing had happened. He could not walk off just like that, because it would be too suspicious.

Lu Shu had been thinking about getting rid of his reliance on the mask after the incident last time when he almost got killed by acting as Howard.

He was a man who was good at self-reflection. He had become more careful ever since his casual usage of the mask inadvertently landed himself in danger.

This piece of relic was one of his most powerful trump cards. Hence, it would be best if he could keep it a secret.

But at this instant, Lu Shu was a tad regretful for not changing his appearance…

There were ten diners at the restaurant, all dressed in red uniform. Their attire looked so familiar.

The Pledge! The organization that ordered a huge bunch of secret pract.i.tioners to dig broken magical weapons for them at the Koh Chang Island and whose fruits of labor were all stolen away by Lu Shu.

Afterwards, the four Cla.s.s C members of the Pledge who managed to escape also b.u.mped into Li Yixiao…

There were too many secret pract.i.tioners as witnesses. Although there were no photos or video recordings taken of Lu Shu, he knew very well that the Pledge had tried to track him down by investigating those secret pract.i.tioners present. They had even tried to recover Lu Shu\'s appearance based on the witnesses\' memories. In the end, the Cla.s.s B expert verified that the portrait matched with the young man he had met.

However, they probably did not know his exact look. Even the Nogiwa family did not post his photo when they ordered for his arrest. They only knew his name. This was all thanks to the timely intervention from the Heavenly Network of all intelligence regarding his ident.i.ty. As the sole person in charge of the matter, Zhong Yutang had reacted fast. It was also that time when Nie Ting gave the permission to raise Lu Shu\'s confidential order to that of a Heavenly King\'s.

It was also then when Nie Ting wanted Lu Shu to become a Heavenly King.

After Lu Shu ordered his food, he sat in a corner seat quietly. At this moment, a member of the Pledge suddenly stared at him. Lu Shu prayed in his heart that he would not be recognized, for the sake of the man\'s safety…

\"Hey, why do I find you familiar?\" one of the members of the Pledge asked and sat opposite to Lu Shu.

Lu Shu paused for two seconds and replied, \"Reorganize your sentence.\"

\"From Corrie Irving\'s distress, +166!\"

He was so mean!