Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 416: Spacequake Alarm, As Expected…

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Tenguu City, Raizen High School.

The teacher did her best to unleash a torrent of knowledge upon the students. She didn\'t stop for the whole duration her cla.s.s was in session. Wu Yan admires her ability to talk non-stop like that. However, he didn\'t listen to her lessons at all.

He understood the lesson, even if he didn\'t, Impeccable memory allowed him to recall the lesson and its content with perfect accuracy. However, are a form of mental torture for him, he\'s an otaku through and through, a torment like this one is one he had suffered for 12 years.

Excluding preschool, that is…

Luckily for him, the here at j.a.pan aren\'t as lengthy as the one over in China, there are also clubs, clubs, and more clubs. This is practically heaven compared to what he had to deal with. Thus, he just laid back and enjoyed the day as much as he could.

Aside from Wu Yan, there\'s another student who didn\'t listen to the cla.s.s at all. Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami had the best grade of her year, full marks in physical education, cute looks, she\'s basically the model student of all model students. She\'s behaving unlike herself, she\'s not paying attention to cla.s.s. She had her mind full of thoughts about Wu Yan.

It\'s like she\'s worried that Wu Yan would rampage and hurt people.

Wu Yan didn\'t like this attention she\'s giving him. It\'s not like he dislikes getting attention from a beautiful girl like her. However, the way Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami is looking at him, it\'s like an android trying to a.n.a.lyze everything he does. It\'s so unnatural that he can\'t get used to it.

After cla.s.s…

s.h.i.+ori packed up her stuff and she turned to Wu Yan.

“s.h.i.+do, let\'s go to the family diner, Kotori should be there waiting for us…”

Wu Yan nodded, at least, he planned to nod until Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami interrupted them by standing up all of a sudden.

Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami got close to Wu Yan and she stared at him so hard that he felt uncomfortable, he thought he would cry.

Miss, you have been staring at me the whole day. I am not handsome and as a true ancestor, there\'s really nothing much to see except for my eyes, please stop with the staring…

Maybe she heard Wu Yan\'s internal monologue, Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami voiced her thoughts with her expressionless face.

“Why are you here?…”

Wu Yan laughed her off.

“I can guess why you\'re asking me that but why do you appear unfazed at my appearance?”

s.h.i.+ori scratched her cheek and she raised an arm.

“Er, do you two know each other?”

Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami turned towards s.h.i.+ori. Wu Yan also noticed that Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami looked at s.h.i.+ori with a really pa.s.sionate pair of eyes even if she appeared expressionless.

s.h.i.+ori s.h.i.+vered and she backed away subconsciously from her intense stare. She\'s wondering just where did she meet this genius girl, why is she acting like she\'s familiar with her?

In the original work, the answer remains unknown and naturally, no one could give an answer to s.h.i.+ori\'s internal question.

Wu Yan confirmed the change in att.i.tude as he arrived at the conclusion that his prior suspicion had been correct.

They turned a fine lady into a yuri girl…

Wu Yan turned his attention towards s.h.i.+ori who is put on the spot by Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami. He admired s.h.i.+ori, he had a lot of respect for s.h.i.+ori right now.

Even after getting his gender-reversed, she could still attract girls. It\'s a level of attractiveness that people praise.

Ignoring whatever respect he might have for s.h.i.+ori, s.h.i.+ori is creeped out by Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami. She tried to run away.

“Erm, Tob.i.+.c.hi-san, we have a prior engagement so if you\'ll excuse us…”

“Itsuka s.h.i.+ori!”

Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami spoke in a calm manner, cutting s.h.i.+ori short before she can finish her sentence.

“Don\'t get too close to him, it won\'t end well for you…”

s.h.i.+ori flinched and she protested back in a defiant but meek manner.

“But, s.h.i.+do is my brother…”

Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami\'s pupil contracted. She wanted to believe s.h.i.+ori but how can she? She would rather die than believe a spirit like s.h.i.+do is the older brother of s.h.i.+ori. Even if she can\'t get any readings indicating he\'s a spirit, she saw him descend with the s.p.a.cequake last time.

This must mean that Wu Yan did something to s.h.i.+ori.

It\'s certainly possible if it\'s the power of spirits.

“What did you do to s.h.i.+ori?!”

Wu Yan twitched his lips.

“If I say I didn\'t do anything, will you believe me?”

Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami said nothing while leering at Wu Yan.

s.h.i.+ori wanted to say something about Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami and Wu Yan\'s apparent confrontation. However, a loud blare stopped her. The alarm covered the entirety of Tengu city.

“s.p.a.cequake detected, all civilians should proceed to the closest shelter for cover, this is not a drill, this is not a drill. All civilians should proceed to the closest shelter for cover. Repeat, all civilians should proceed to the closest shelter for cover.”

“Repeat, s.p.a.cequake detected…”

It\'s here!

s.h.i.+ori looked very surprised but Wu Yan and Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami had different expression, they put on their serious looks.

Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami looked at Wu Yan one last time before leaving the cla.s.sroom. s.h.i.+ori gasped and she yelled at her.

“Tob.i.+.c.hi-san, don\'t run around, we must get to a shelter as soon as possible…”

If it\'s any other time, maybe Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami would have listened to s.h.i.+ori. But, if it\'s spirit related, not even s.h.i.+ori can stop Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami. The revival of Tob.i.+.c.hi Origami\'s parents is probably the only thing that can stop her reckless abandon in her fight against spirits.

In the original work, s.h.i.+do had to stand between Origami\'s cannon and another spirit for her to compromise. It\'s clear that every spirit is on her s.h.i.+t list.


s.h.i.+ori turned towards Wu Yan and she pleaded in a frustrated tone. Wu Yan replied.

“s.h.i.+ori, let\'s go take cover…”

s.h.i.+ori nodded with a hint of anxiety.

“I wonder if Kotori found a shelter yet…”

s.h.i.+ori took out a phone from her pocket and she tracked Kotori down via GPS, Wu Yan couldn\'t stop her as she yelped.

“Why?! Why is Kotori still at the family dining place?”

s.h.i.+ori recalled what Kotori said to her this morning and she turned pale.

“Kotori, is she really waiting for us over there?”

Wu Yan patted s.h.i.+ori on the shoulders…

“Go take cover, I will deal with Kotori…”


“Leave it to me!”