Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual

Chapter 34

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Trigger warning from the translator: Before you read this arc; if you have any problems with scenes and/or stories depicting animal abuse, you could skip this arc . Please remember that this is a work of fiction, read at your own risk . We do not condone cruelty to animals, we only translate what the author has written . This arc has 20 parts in 20 chapters; hopefully, we don’t need to break up some long chapters, but it’s still a possibility if it’s too long .  

Alex .

Now, on with the story…

‘Survival in The Wild’ is the most popular variety show at present . Generally, the content is to put stars on an uninhabited desert island and ask them to complete one task after another . Small flying cameras follow the stars, covering the whole island, live broadcasting in real-time, to ensure the most authentic pictures for the audience .

Right now, there are basically seven people on one stage, all of whom are stars who are either hot or not too known . Because there is no script and the shooting is done in real-time, some stars will be stripped of their fans because of their personality which was too different from people’s expectations . Some stars would even turn even more famous because of their brilliant performance . Therefore, after the invitation was sent from ‘Survival in The Wild’, stars who are not confident of maintaining their own image will turn it down . That was why the original Movie Emperor turned it down this time .

Wei Mingyan’s appearance is rare, even in the entertainment industry . Because of this handsomeness, coupled with a backing, he quickly rose to prominence in the entertainment industry, and at such a young age; he won the t.i.tle of Movie Emperor .

His gentle persona is very popular . He is always polite to people . Of course, this is on camera .

Beyond the camera, he is impatient and forgetful . What he is good at is anger . In the original plot, the personality of the Movie Emperor is questionable . When he and Song Qi were together at the beginning, he still remembered to pretend . But after they were together for a longer period, all kinds of shortcomings of the Movie Emperor were exposed .

He had some male chauvinism . When Song Qi mentioned marriage, The Movie Emperor not only didn’t agree with her but also asked Song Qi; who was in the rising stage of her career, to quit the entertainment circle and concentrate on taking care of him at home . He even secretly hindered Song Qi from getting a good role behind her back . They quarreled many times . Gradually, Song Qi felt tired, so she proposed to break up .

In fact, the Movie emperor didn’t like her that much at that time, he just had a strong sense of wanting to control . So, he refused the break-up . When Song Qi asked him, he said that he liked her .

Song Qi really liked him, so the two of them went on while still quarreling with each other . What she didn’t know was that every time the Movie Emperor quarreled with her, he would lash out at Stormy .

It was usual for him to kick, or kick his dog dish away . He would even deliberately withhold Stormy’s food .

Stormy is a loyal dog . Despite being treated like this by the male owner, she just whimpered and hid in the corner to wait for the male owner’s anger to pa.s.s, not bearing any grudges . This is why Song Qi has not found out .

However, they had another quarrel when they stopped getting along again because of the Movie Emperor’s suggestion that Song Qi leaves the entertainment circle . In the middle of this quarrel, Song Qi’s agent called and told her that there was an announcement from the agency, it was to let her go . She had to leave temporarily, but the anger of the Movie Emperor remained . Looking at the dog who had gentle eyes, he kicked and scolded him and drove him out of the house .

Stormy is very old . It’s winter now . It’s cold and windy outside, but it keeps quiet outside . When the Movie Emperor opens the door and finds that he was still there, he directly pulls Stormy into his car and leaves it outside the city .

When he drove away, the old dog with dark yellow and gentle eyes suddenly felt anxious . It desperately chased after the car and wanted to return to the owner . Seeing from the rear-view mirror, the Movie Emperor not only had no sympathy but also felt some pleasure .

He knew how much Song Qi cared about the dog saved her life, and how much Song Qi loved it . He was very happy when he thought of the way Song Qi; who had just quarreled with him, would be sad when she knew the dog was gone .

He blamed the treasured dog for losing his girlfriend . He also blamed Song Qi for leaving him because of a dog . Later he discovered Song Qi’s situation with the male lead . Not only did he not help her, but he also ridiculed Song Qi . At that time, Song Qi even had an attachment to him .


You can imagine how desperate the helpless girl was when she saw the face of her former lover .

Wei Mingyan came to the conclusion; the original owner of this body was a literal sc.u.m man .

First of all, we must find the dog .

Stormy was adopted by its female owner from an early age . It has lived as a pet for nearly ten years . It’s gentle and basically has no ability to attack . In addition, it is old and has no chance to survive in the wild .

After he was lost by the Movie Emperor, he followed the car and came to the city . Stormy had never been to that place before, so he could only wander around in confusion, hoping to smell the owner . When wandering in the trade center, he was seen by the male lead and brought home .

If the Movie Emperor was a sc.u.m man, then the male lead is a complete pervert . He is also a Movie Emperor, in the entertainment industry; whose appearance is as warm as jade and is loved by fans . But unlike Wei Mingyan, he has no backing . He climbed up step by step .

In the entertainment industry, there is too much pressure . The way he relieved pressure was to abuse animals .

He is cautious in character . All the animals he brings home are stray animals . After they die, he will bury them in his garden quietly . It’s was safe for him .

When he took Stormy back home, he found out that Stormy was Song Qi’s pet . He pretended to inadvertently show a picture of Stormy to Song Qi and said that he liked it very much . Song Qi was deceived . She brought the canned dog food that Stormy loved to visit her lost pet .

If this was a love story, then the two would live happily ever after together because of a dog; but this was written like a tragic newspaper article .

Taking advantage of Song Qi’s unsuspecting nature, the male lead directly invited her into the house . He pressed her on the bed, and succeeded . In front of Song Qi, who refused to obey, he p.r.i.c.ked Stormy with a slender needle . Stormy grew up with her for ten years and protected her countless of times . The old dog, who had long been a relative, whimpered and wailed . He tried to avoid the pain but couldn’t . Song Qi cried and gave in .

She wanted to run away with Stormy but couldn’t, because of how cautious the man was . How could he let her come into contact with it, he would only keep showing Song Qi pictures of Stormy being abused .

Song Qi is stubborn, but she couldn’t preserve for much longer . She’s going through a pain that no one else can imagine . There were more and more photos of her in the male lead’s hands, and more and more that couldn’t be circulated . She was felt like falling into a swamp . She couldn’t get away; sinking deeper and deeper .

Until Stormy was threatened by the male lead in front of Song Qi for the last time, the loyal and docile old dog seemed to understand that he was the weak point of the owner . He struggled to climb to the balcony and jumped down .

He jumped down the stairs and did not die, but in the end he was poisoned . Song Qi still couldn’t protect her most precious thing at the end . She chose to kill these people and herself .

This is Song Qi ‘s poor and miserable life .

After Wei Mingyan agreed to show up in ‘Survival in The Wild’, he tentatively called Song Qi, the first time he didn’t get through, but he got through the second time .

“What do you want?”

“Qi Qi, I still want to talk to you about the breakup . ”

“Stop talking! We were together for three months, but you threw away Stormy who had been with me for ten years! Didn’t I tell you that he saved my life? Didn’t I tell you that he had accompanied me for the past ten years, and I regard him as a family member? Wei Mingyan, I really regret knowing you!”

“I’ll get Stormy back . Please believe me …”

“Talk to me when you get him back!”

Song Qi cried and hung up the phone .

Her face was pale and there were deep dark circles under her eyes . She put down her mobile phone and covered her forehead . Tears trickled down her cheeks .

Stormy has been brought home by her since he was a puppy . He is stupid and can’t find anything to eat . How can he not be bullied outside? It’s so cold now and it has just rained …

Song Qi felt more and more miserable and sobbed herself into a ball .

Why did this happen? The person she trusted most was Wei Mingyan, but Wei Mingyan lost her Stormy . She couldn’t find him anywhere these days . She sent messages to all the forums but still couldn’t find him . What should she do …?


Wei Mingyan is somewhat helpless, but it’s not surprising .

He is still weak, but not too weak . He sat up with his body propped up, changed his clothes and went out of the door .

It took him an hour to drive to the trade center . Because of the plot, Wei Mingyan wandered around for three days and finally saw the old dog lying beside a garbage can .

In just a few days, the clean hair that had been taken care of was dark and had coagulated together . There was some filth like dried soup on it . He squinted, his eyes looked swollen, and now he was lying there like he was dead .

Wei Mingyan put on a mask and hat in the car, armed to the teeth .   His long legs stepped out and walked to Stormy .

Stormy, who was s.h.i.+vering with cold, moved his nose and suddenly perked up .

It smelled the smell of the male owner!

Before Wei Mingyan arrived, Stormy had struggled to hold up his body, trying to keep his swollen eyes open, and his tail; which had lost a lot of hair, began to shake . He sat on the ground with a hoa.r.s.e whimper in his throat .

Wei Mingyan held out his hand and Stormy was very happy to rub its head on his hand . Stormy did not know that he had been lost or that the sufferings he had suffered in recent days were caused by the person in front of him . Stormy just shook his tail and tried to bark out his joy .

“Good boy, Stormy . ”

The man wearing the mask was wearing expensive clothes from silk but did not mind the filth from the dog . He held the old dog in his arms . Stormy had some wound; he was bitten by a wild dog and it was very painful when he was held up . However, it felt as if he could not feel it . He still shook his tail and stayed in Wei Mingyan’s arms cleverly .

When he was carried on to the car, his mood suddenly became anxious and he whimpered, his swollen eyes looked at the man meekly and distressed .

Obviously, he remembered the last time he got on to this car and was left .

“Come on, Papa will take Stormy to the hospital . ” Wei Mingyan touched the old dog’s miserable head and calmed it gently .

At the beginning of his pursuit of Song Qi, the Movie Emperor; in order to take the beauty home, repeatedly said that he likes dogs . He also claimed to be Stormy’s Papa and Song Qi is his Mama; which is one of the reasons Song Qi trusts him .

Under the rea.s.surance of Wei Mingyan, Stormy quickly quieted down and enjoyed the love of his master . He did not understand why the owner would be so kind to it, but he could not think so much with his limited brainpower .

Soon they arrived at the veterinary hospital . Stormy had a quite hard time wandering for a few days .

The manicured fingernails are now covered with solidified scabs . There are several wounds caused by wild dog’s bites . His body looked like he had been splashed with boiling soup . There is also a lung problem . It can be said that every time he breathes, he was in pain .

He always endured and not bark out loud . Stormy was very docile .

After the doctor finished his diagnosis, he saw the man who was always wearing a mask hold the old dog on the exam table in silence . The doctor noticed that the man’s hands were beautiful, slender and white as if they were fine works of art . But now these hands were touching the old dog’s filthy back, comforting him who was nervous after a round of examination .

This kind of situation is relatively rare . Generally speaking, even if an owner loves their pet, most are not willing to touch pets that had dirty garbage on them .

‘This must be a very loving dog owner’, the doctor thought .

The old dog named Stormy began his treatment . Two nurses gently shaved his hair and whispered some comforting words in his ear .

“Is this a stray dog?”

“No, I just heard the doctor say that the dog was lost and has just been found . Its owner is very sad . I heard that it was carried all the way into the hospital . Just now, I saw him touching the dog and talking to it . His voice was gentle and soft . It was really nice . ”

“I also heard the doctor say that this dog’s treatment was expensive . The man went to the front desk to pay the money without even thinking twice . This dog is really lucky to meet such a good owner . ”

“Yeah, although it had a tough time . Fortunately, he was found . ”

When the two were talking, Stormy obediently stayed still on the table himself . His swollen eyes staring straight out of the door .

Wei Mingyan leaned against the wall with a somewhat depressed expression and was talking to his agent .

“Are you and Song Qi crazy? Running all around looking for a dog . Can’t you see that you haven’t had a good rest for several days! Didn’t I tell you? Hire people to find it! You could have hired so many people to find a dog! Why would you still have to go by yourself? Would you be happy if you suddenly died out there?”

“Bro, I got Stormy back . ”

The agent paused, stopping his incessant nagging, “You got it back? Then tell Song Qi quickly!”

“No, don’t tell her first . Stormy condition is not good . If she saw him like this, she would be sad . ” Wei Mingyan closed his eyes wearily and his voice was hoa.r.s.e . “It’s all my fault . If it weren’t for me, Stormy wouldn’t have suffered so much … ”

In the room, the two nurses who took care of Stormy changed their medical protective clothing and were about to go out when they saw a man standing outside the door .

How handsome! Even if they could only see his eyebrow and eyes, he was handsome!

They could still see he had long legs, nice hands, and a nice voice!

One of the nurses could not help but take out her phone and quietly take a picture .

[Met the owner of a dog in the hospital, although I could not see his face clearly, he was very gentle, and his voice was extremely good . He was also very good to the dog . He was really a good owner!]

After posting it to Weibo, she was called to do something else . She hurriedly put her phone in her pocket to go to work . But under her Weibo post, there was the first message .

[Why do I feel this man looks so much like Wei Mingyan? They are all so handsome!]