Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!!

Chapter 260

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She and the Secret Invitation 2

\"Ah, Freed. Are the audiences done?\"

While I was thinking of having somebody deliver the letter I signed, the door opened and Freed came back.
That said, it\'s still afternoon, it\'s too early for him to finish working. When I tilted my head, Freed wryly smiled.

\"I\'m taking a short break. Envoys have been coming ever since the morning. They\'re here to celebrate my marriage with you Lidi, so of course it\'s not an unpleasant work, but as you can expect, it\'s tiring that it goes on like this…\"
\"Good work.\"

Freed looked unusually tired. I became worried and went up to him. He reached out his hands and hugged me with all my strength.

\"Aah, it\'s relieving to hug Lidi.\"
\"F, Freed.\"
\"Lidi, my dearest lover. I want to get married already… It\'s unbearable there\'s one month left. It\'s too far away.\"

Strength filled his arms. Taking the opportunity, we rubbed cheeks together, and as a finish he dropped a kiss on my lips.
My chest squeezed at the touch of his hot lips. As always when it comes to me, I love Freed so much it\'s difficult.
I drew my face to his chest.

\"I, isn\'t one month soon? B, besides, we\'re living together, so… it won\'t be much different, right?\"

Far from every night, in the worst case we even pa.s.sionately sleep together at daytime.
I thought our lives wouldn\'t change much even after we marry, but still hugging me, Freed corrected me.

\"It\'ll be completely different. Lidi, you\'ll be formally recognized as my consort. When that happens Lidi, I\'ll be able to take you to state functions, and there should be fewer fools who\'d try stealing Lidi from me.\"
\"… There\'s no person who\'d try to do that after we marry.\"

Freed is probably talking about Crown Prince Maximilian, but there\'s no way he\'d say nonsense like wanting to marry an officially married woman.
I thought so, but with a bitter face Freed corrected me.

\"Lidi. You don\'t know that man enough… That guy isn\'t the type to quiet down with marriage.\"

When I couldn\'t say anything back, since just as Freed said, I don\'t know him, Freed further said.

\"You can\'t be careless. That said, an official consort is very different from a mere fiancée. It\'s the truth that he won\'t be able to make a move easily. For this reason too, I want to marry quickly.\"
Y, yup…\"

When I nodded vaguely, Freed sweetly smiled.

\"But, the most important reason I want to quickly get married is… because I want to declare to the world that you\'re mine, Lidi. I want it spread that such a cute person is mine alone. No more than that.\"

I could tell I flushed.
What is it? Somehow, I\'m incredibly embarra.s.sed. And yet, I\'m unbearably happy.
I tightly clutched the hem of Freed\'s clothes.

\"I, I\'m also proud of you, Freed.\"
\"Lidi, you are? Proud of me?\"

I also want to boast that this wonderful person is mine.
When I told him so, Freed smiled happily.

\"Yeah, I want to get married quickly. I want to always be next to you, Lidi… Phew, it can\'t be helped. Lidi, I got energy from you, so I\'ll be going back to the audiences.\"
\"Yup. Do your best.\"

Saying take care, I kissed Freed\'s cheek.
Freed laughed, embarra.s.sed, and looked towards the letter that I was still holding in my hand.

\"Then, I\'m reluctant, but… Lidi, what\'s that letter?\"
\"Nn? This? I\'m thinking of inviting a friend to a tea party. I wrote that letter for that.\"
\"Hee? For the tea party you can use the room you used the last time. I\'ll make the arrangements. Who will you invite this time?\"
\"Former Marquis Lowe\'s daughter.\"
\"Aah, the one you met before.\"

When I obediently answered Freed\'s question, perhaps having recalled her, he nodded like he was convinced.

\"Lidi, you have free time, so a tea party doesn\'t sound bad.\"
\"Yup, I want to get closer with her… Milly.\"

Naturally I don\'t want to say the reason. Milly also wouldn\'t want it.
That\'s why I only told Freed the objective, and thankfully he didn\'t ask for more.

Like that Freed returned to work and I called for Clara and entrusted her the letter.

\"Please take care of this.\"
\"Marquis Lowe\'s residence. Certainly.\"

I immediately received a response from Milly, she wrote that the day would be alright.
There were no particular problems, so I immediately sent a confirmation and waited for her to visit the castle at the afternoon of the designated day.

\"Lady Lidiana. Thank you for your invitation.\"
\"Eh? Wait a minute, are you alright?\"

The agreed time. Milly, who had been guided by a royal guard looked visibly unwell.
There were terrible dark circles under her eyes, and she looked thinner than before.
Surprised by her unsteady and staggering gait, I hurriedly supported Milly\'s arm.

\"If you\'re feeling unwell, you should\'ve informed me via letter or however you wanted. Never mind today. Go back and rest. If you like, I\'ll call a physician…\"
\"N, no! I\'m alright.\"
\"Eh… But.\"

She looks obviously unwell, something like a tea party is impossible for her. It\'s not something to hurry about, so it\'s not a problem to wait until her condition improves.
There\'s no reason for her to force herself.
Thinking so, I urged her to go home, but Milly stubbornly refused to return. I thought of at least calling a physician, but that too was refused. While for some reason clutching her arm, she shook her head that it\'s completely unnecessary.

\"S, something like a physician is unnecessary!\"
\"But, the dark circles under your eyes are terrible… What about fever…\"

Just to make sure, I tried putting my hand on her forehead to check her temperature.
Milly\'s forehead was cool, rather her body temperature was too low.
Hmm, she doesn\'t have a fever.

\"I don\'t have a fever!\"
\"Eh, yeah. So it seems.\"

Milly desperately appealed for some reason. As if glaring at me, Milly was watching me intently.

\"I, I am truly alright! That\'s why, please don\'t tell me to g, go home!\"
\"I, I understand. But, are you truly fine?\"
\"Of course I am.\"

Milly was speaking so desperately, I was ultimately overpowered.
I made her promise to make sure to go home if her condition worsens and was about to reluctantly have her sit on the prepared chair… when I noticed a long sofa alongside the wall.
I turned my gaze to Milly and suggested.

\"Hey, it\'s easier on the body to sit on a sofa than a chair, right? We can both comfortably sit on the long sofa over there, and if you don\'t feel well, you can lie on it, so shall we drink tea there today?\"

Hearing my suggestion, Milly opened her eyes wide in surprise.

\"N, no way… You don\'t have to fuss over me…\"
\"You\'re unwell, so it\'s natural. Hey? Let\'s do that?\"
\"Yes… Thank you.\"

Supporting the unsteady Milly, I had her sit on the long sofa.
Having sat on the deep red sofa embroidered with roses, Milly let out a tiny breath of relief. After all, it seems she\'s considerably pus.h.i.+ng herself.

\"… Hey, after all it\'d be better if you went home…\"
\"I\'m alright.\"

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