Lady Su's Revenge

Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 Such Detoxification

The study of the Jinyuan Court was full of the letters of self-recommendation.

After a day\'s selection, Zhu Yan and Mam. Su-Cui were all tired. However, they finally chose a suitable candidate. The person\'s temperament was even worse than Gambler Zhu!

“The ancestors of the w.a.n.g Family are farmers. The income of the family is low and they just can get by. The Ninth w.a.n.g who is forty-five years old has gotten married twice. His wives both were abused to death by him. But few people know the news. People all think that the Ninth w.a.n.g is not lucky. These are told by the Ninth w.a.n.g in the letter.”

Su Zipei said roughly. Mam. Su-Cui and Zhu Yan both nodded and they dispatched one mammy to contact with the w.a.n.g Family.

Before long, the old mammy returned with a strange look. She hesitated to say, “Old Lady and the First Madam, I went to the Ninth w.a.n.g\'s family, but the Ninth w.a.n.g did not admit that he had sent the letter of self-recommendation. He said that he was not interested in the Su Family and then he drove me out.”

Zhu Yan and Mam. Su-Cui was stunned again.

It was difficult to find a good family for daughters. But why was it also difficult to find a rascal? How strange!


Supporting herself with a crutch, Mam. Su-Cui said, “Su Erya is really a disaster! I don\'t believe I cannot make it. Yan, dispatch your mammies, too. Let the mammies visit all the suitable families!”

Zhu Yan was delighted. She understood that Mam. Su-Cui would disregard the standards and let Su Li get married with a bad man casually. In order to avoid troubles, she immediately dispatched all her mammies.

They paid much attention on the marriage. All the people in the Dasu Town secretly laughed at them.

The reputation of the third daughter of the Su Family was so bad that even the Ninth w.a.n.g was not willing to marry her. It was ridiculous.

In a blink of an eye, one day pa.s.sed. Su Li observed the development of the situation. She asked Fang Yuan to pry into the information and not to do something else. She wanted to know how much that person could do for her.

On the next morning, the mammies, who had been busy all night, came back to the Su House one by one. They all looked eccentric.

“Old Lady, it was so weird. When I went to those families, they were all scared. They didn\'t admit that they had sent the letters of self-recommendation. They also did not mention the marriage.”

“Old Lady, so did I! I didn\'t even walk into some families. They threw stones at me!” an old mammy said with anger and covered her forehead.

“Old Lady, the families that I went to are famous rascals. But their legs were all broken and were so miserable. When I mentioned the marriage, they were scared and drove me out.”

The more the Old Lady heard, the angrier she was. Finally, she couldn\'t help but grab a teacup around her and slam it on the floor!

“I see! That\'s why everything is so coincidental. It turned out that someone is helping that b.i.t.c.h!”

Zhu Yan was also angry. She dispatched someone to monitor Su Li these days. But Su Li didn\'t leave the Baiwei Building and cannot stop what happened.

“Who on earth is helping her?”

Zhu Yan was puzzled. Su Li had been tortured by her since she was a baby. She didn\'t have any friend. How did someone get the news at this time and help her secretly?

Thinking of this, Zhu Yan suddenly remembered the amazing appearance of Su Li.

“Maybe some master likes her and has observed her for a long time. He helped her secretly to stop me!”

The more Zhu Yan thought about it, the more likely it was. Indeed, Su Li was beautiful and stood out in the Dasu Town. It was hard for her not to get noticed! Many people admired her beauty! Zhu Yan couldn\'t guess who he was.

Then, the room was full of an awkward silence.

When Zhu Yan saw that all the mammies knelt on the ground, she was extremely angry. She painstakingly planned for a long time and did not expect that there would be a trouble. Was Su Erya really her nemesis?!

“In that case, don\'t talk about the marriage anymore.”

After Mam. Su-Cui smashed a teacup, she seemed to calm down and said, “Yan, don\'t get angry, or it will affect the fetus in your belly. I will help you solve the problem.”

Mam. Su-Cui sneered.

Besides marriage, there were lots of methods to make Su Li live miserably. Why did they stick to one way?

When Zhu Yan saw Mam. Su-Cui was on a collision course with Su Li, she was happy secretly and said, “The luck of the girl will not always be so good. I have to nourish the fetus, so I am sorry that I can\'t help you.”

When Mam. Su-Cui looked at Zhu Yan\'s slightly raised belly, she immediately became gentle and said, “I will handle it! Since Huanli doesn\'t help you, I\'ll help you!”

In the past, because Zhu Yan cannot get pregnant, Mam Su-Cui asked her son to marry another woman to perpetuate the family. Thinking of this, Mam. Su-Cui felt guilty. Finally, Zhu Yan was pregnant, but she gave birth to Su Li, a girl. It was really annoying!

She did not blame Zhu Yan but gave vent to her anger on Su Li. If Mam. Su-Cui had not stopped her son from taking charge of the West Courtyard, Su Li might have not lived a miserable life.

Later, Zhu Yan set up Su Li and made her become a scapegoat. Mam. Su-Cui\'s feeling about Su Li changed from dislike to aversion.

That is, even if Zhu Yan had not asked the witch to talk nonsense, Mam. Su-Cui would have come up with some bad ideas to trouble Su Li. Zhu Yan just gave her a righteous reason.

After the farce, everything seemed to be normal. The notoriety of Su Zipei that n.o.body was willing to get married with her spread throughout the Dasu Town. But she didn\'t know it. She lifted a rock only to find that it dropped on her own feet.

The business of the Baiwei Building was as usual. The fame of the Beggars\' Chicken was gradually spread to several other towns. But the transportation means of the Su Family were limited and Su Li got side money from the dish every two months. So Su Huanli didn\'t have money to expend the business.

Counting the time, Su Li estimated that Ling Li was almost detoxified. One day, after she finished the business of the Baiwei Building, she came to the valley and smelled the bouquet.

“It\'s osmanthus wine!”

Su Li remembered that she had overlooked an extremely serious problem. When she walked to the yard quickly, she saw Ling Li holding a flagon, with an empty wine jar placed at the corner of walls!

Su Li was immediately angry. A whole jar of osmanthus wine was drunk by Ling Li in a few days!

Qu Qingning came from behind. When he saw Su Li who had not been seen for a long time, he immediately smiled a forced smile and said, “Su Li, you finally… hiccup…”

A wine burp suddenly came from Qu Qingning\'s throat. He covered his mouth instantly and ran away.

“It turned out that my wine was ruined in this way.”

Su Li was calm, but Ling Li knew she was angry. He stood up, with the smell of alcohol dispelled and said with a smile, “I made a lot of wine for you and taught those guys how to make wine. How about sending the jar of wine as my reward?”

Su Li was silent. When she stared at Ling Li\'s recovered fair face, an atmosphere of inexplicable embarra.s.sment was slowly spreading.

Ling Ling\'s smile was stiffer and stiffer. Why didn\'t she get angry? Had she…put poison in the wine?!

“Do you have the herbs today?”

Ling Li was pondering, but Su Li suddenly spoke, which broke the silence.

Ling Li nodded subconsciously and was taken out the yard before he realized it.

The sudden skin contact made Ling Li\'s ears red. He said angrily, “What do you want to do? I really had the herbs!”

Su Li was silent along the way. Seen by all the surprised boys, they went up to the bamboo building.

“What on earth do you want to do?!”

Ling Li threw off Su Li\'s hand. His cultivation was still kept, so he stumbled onto the bed, which made his face redder. What on earth did Su Li want to do?

Su Li looked at her right hand which was thrown off by Ling Li and said lightly, “Of course, I know you have herbs every day. Otherwise, it is impossible for you to turn fair again. I\'ll prepare the poison which you have to have today.”

Then, Su Li no longer talked with Ling Li. She turned back and concentrated on preparing poison.

Ling Li sat up and looked at the view behind Su Li. He suddenly felt familiar. It seemed that a long time ago, there was such a person who accompanied him, took care of him and cooked food for him.

Cooking food? Pooh!

Ling Li suddenly looked pale. Now what\'s in Su Li\'s hands was not a dish but genuine poison! Was he infected by Su Li? Why did he have such an absurd idea?

“In previous life? I didn\'t live in this world in my previous life. So, there was not such a person…”

Ling Li shook his head to shake away his thoughts. At this moment, Su Li turned back with a bottle of full turbid and colorful liquid.

Ling Li\'s expression changed immediately. The taste of such liquid must be bad.

“Drink it!”

Su Li was cold and handed the bottle to Ling Li.

Ling Li glanced at Su Li\'s indifferent expression and hesitated a moment. But he took over the bottle and guzzled it!


After drinking all the poison, Ling Li frowned.


Extremely bitter!

He didn\'t let the poison stay in his mouth for a long time, but his tongue was numb and he felt unbearable bitterness. Su Li was expressionless, but she looked nervous from her eyes. She observed the reaction of Ling Li from time to time.

After a while, the bitterness in Ling Li\'s mouth faded away. He sat on the bed crossing his legs and waited for the reaction of public region. Every time he took poison, his stomach had a severe pain. It seemed that someone was pulling his viscera. He was extremely miserable.

But Ling Li was a big shot. Although the pain was severe, it was not his limit. He made up his mind this time that he would not make a fool of himself in front of Su Li!

However, it was obviously different this time.

Ling Li waited for a long time but there was no feeling at all. When he was about to ask, he suddenly felt cold, which seemed that he had fell into an ice cave.

“It\'s so cold! Is it the cold poison?”

Ling Li couldn\'t help but cower together. His eyebrows were instantly covered with frost and his lips were purple with cold. A thin layer of ice was formed on his whole body.

“What happened?!”

Ling Li wanted to look up Su Li\'s face but found that even the eyes were frozen and were difficult to be turned. His viscera seemed to be sinking into the glaciers of ten thousand years. He felt that his body was becoming stiff. It would not be long before he was frozen to death.

He opened his mouth but could not breathe. He smiled sorrowfully, “Well, you… really want to kill…”

At this time, a blood red lip blocked Ling Li\'s mouth. He immediately widened his eyes and was unprecedentedly dull.

He was the dignified big killer Ling Li and the Hierarch of the Yinmo Cult but he was being kissed by a miss of a small town!!

At the same time, Ling Li also felt a liquid pa.s.sed by Su Li like magma flowing through his body. The solid ice on his body began to melt immediately. The bamboo building was filled with steam and smoke like hot springs with fog.

“This is the detoxification of the last day…” the idea flashed through Ling Li\'s mind. He suddenly felt that the last poison in the body was burned into nothingness and the practice was automatically started.