Juvenile Entertainer

Chapter 102

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Published at 13th of August 2019 07:30:08 PM Chapter 102

I really don\'t like doing update chapters as it gives readers a false sense of hope but I need to clarify that this novel has not been dropped . If I drop it I will announce it, as to not keep you guys waiting around for nothing .

My reason for not writing is simply because of becoming increasingly lazy and lack of pa.s.sion for writing . I have plenty of scenarios playing out in my head it just putting it into words that don\'t feel repet.i.tive or boring .

I want to get him deep into the entertainment industry as of now he\'s been floating around making some noise with no real connections to the people in it . So you can look forward to that with some subplots about his hacking, fighting and gun skill .

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I\'m very excited to finish this novel and my Marvel fanfiction as I have a great story that cooperates the farther love of \"Marvels Strongest Father\" and the entertainment aspect of \"Juvenile Entertainment\" with a new system format that I put together, it most likely already exists withing the untranslated novels but . I know that systems are generally looked down upon as lazy plot development but I love it . Hopefully, when I get to writing it, I would have gained enough writing experience to make a great story .

Do not worry this does not mean that I\'m in a rush to end this, no I will still make sure my current novels still have a good pace .

Thank you for the stones even though I hadn\'t put anything up . @@ 1681