Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World.

Chapter 40: Second Episode

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\"Who sent you here?\" Someone asked as held the dagger to the swordsman\'s neck.

Feeling the cold feeling in his neck, the swordsman turned to see who could approach him with a blade before his senses warned him. To his surprise, the young waitress was emitting a cold aura and a small intention to kill while holding her dagger.

\"I\'m your father\'s friend, I came to help.\" Said the swordsman.

Hearing this, the waitress pressed the dagger a little into the swordsman\'s throat and asked. \"How will I know if this is true?\"

The swordsman who, knowing the situation beforehand, waited for such a response, slowly beckoned her to lift his left arm sleeve. Getting a nod of acknowledgment from the girl, the swordsman lifted his sleeve and what the waitress saw made her immediately remove the dagger from his neck.

On the swordsman\'s arm were tattooed countless little lines. For a normal person, it may seem like just any tattoo with a strange design, but to the waitress, who lived with her father all her life, every line that was like a soul that tormented him all night.

\"I\'m sorry for what I did, I hope you don\'t tell my dad I dared put a dagger around your neck Mr. S.\" The waitress said hurriedly in an apologetic tone.

\"If your father told you the whole story, first you know that even if you wanted to, it would be almost impossible to kill me, as I would never dare touch a single hair of my brother\'s little daughter.\" his face was covered by a huge straw hat, now he had taken it off and was showing an extremely warm smile on his face, making the waitress blush and be very happy to see him.

She\'d never seen him, but it couldn\'t have been a week since her father talked about this man. What surprised her was that he probably should have been several years older than her, but apparently, he didn\'t age a year after he and her father went their separate ways.

After apologizing to the customers and closing the inn, the young waitress guided him through the room until he arrived in a room and waited by the door without daring to make a single noise to disturb the man lying inside.

The swordsman opened the door and what he saw inside made his heart, which never moved through a single dead of the countless ones he caused to destabilize a little. \"Too bad I can not save this time to show to those brats.\" The swordsman said with a slight laugh.

The man lying in bed reading a book raised his head and stared in the direction of the swordsman. When he confirmed who it was, he burst out laughing immediately. \"Hahahah, I bet they\'d be happier than teenagers spying on the ladies\' room,\" said the man lying down.

\"How are things going? I saw your daughter grew up very well, \"said the swordsman.

Knowing his old friend, the man lying in bed almost got up to punch the swordsman. \"Don\'t you dare try anything with my daughter, you dog. If I know you tried something I\'ll rip your little brother out of your pants, \"said the man with blood in his eyes.

\"Hahaha, I\'m just kidding. I knew a crazy old man like you wouldn\'t change even after bed. \"Laughed the swordsman of his friend\'s anger.

Realizing that he was being played by the swordsman, the man in the bed lets out a sigh and a m.u.f.fled laugh. \"I\'ve missed you brother, since the accident with Susan you disappeared. At least you managed to break up with them? \"Asked the man a little downcast and hopeful.

\"You know the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who killed my wife had to pay. In those nearly 20 years, I\'ve managed to eliminate at least 90% of their operations here in the crash. Now the other 10% I was going to let you break up with me, after all, Susan, besides my wife, was your sister, \"said the swordsman.

\"As you can see, I\'m a little disabled. But all these years at this inn, some idiots wanted to mess with my daughter, Sue. So, as a good father, I decided to teach her a little that I knew from our time working together. Amazingly she learned as fast as you did in our day. If you can take her somewhere safe, even if you don\'t avenge me ... I think my mission here on earth will be over, \"said the man.

\"But Jack, do you think she\'ll want to?\" Asked the swordsman.

Before the man in the bed named Jack could answer, the bedroom door was suddenly opened and the young redhead came in with tears in her eyes and answered immediately. \"Dad, I know you don\'t have much time left between us, let me continue your legacy and avenge me on who did this to you and Aunt Susan.\"

Hearing his daughter say such a thing, Jack can\'t help but sigh. When he saw how fast Sue was learning the killer techniques he was teaching her, Jack knew that one time she would want to experience the outside world, no matter how hard he tried to protect her, she would still be just a bird, now she was. It\'s time for her to spread her wings and fly. \"Alright ... Protect her, Nick.\" The man lying on the bed replied, his eyes slowly closing as the tears of young Sue and Nick began to roll down their faces as if a dam had burst. The two without a word covered Jack and left the room.

\"Clap, clap, clap, clap ...\" The audience watching the play got up from their seats and clapped their hands. Most were high school students, but still, some outsiders became interested after watching the video on the internet. Almost the entire audience thought it would be a good experience to watch in person, even if they had never been to a theater before. But that\'s when they were surprised, watching an online video and watching a live play gave a completely different feeling, it was very different between watching a movie at home and watching a movie at the movies.

Aatrox looked at the standing cheering audience and remembered the fright he had taken when he entered the theater...